Bali Hatha Yoga

Bali Hatha Yoga class is a yoga foundation blend with the consciousness of Asana practices, breathing exercises and the mindfulness. The Bali Hatha Yoga created by our master, the Bali's highest priest, Sri Bhagawan Sriprada Bhaskara. He has been creating the Asana sequences with full of consciousness through the meditation state. He starts the yoga journey and the meditation since he was at early young age, 14 years old. He is well known for his strength and flexibility.

The Bali Hatha Yoga is sequences are following the mountain flow system from the mountain slope to the peak and back to the slope. The Bali Hatha Yoga will encourage the students to center and ground their self to their body through the meditation. And continue to the stretching exercises, standing Asana, the Hatha Flow or the connecting pose, sitting pose and etc. All the Bali Hatha Yoga poses connecting to our body, breath, mind and soul.

Reiki Class

Spiritual Healing guided force energy and Self Improvements

Reiki with Pak Today, The Balinese master healing from Banyuatis village!

IDR 350.000/person/class