Spa and Massage

DenBukit Heal Spa

Denbukit surrounded by healing herbs and spices in lush jungle garden, a best place to heal and pause from the hustle and bustle.

Allow your Soul to travel and keep the harmony between body, mind and soul!

Let the hands of DenBukit’s therapists indulge your body and make you feel rejuvenate in an extraordinary jungle retreat.We are committed to use handmade traditional essence oils such as Virgin Coconut Oil and olive Oil no additives and chemical.

We just delivered the Balinese Angel’ hands and the mother nature selections to you with love.

Traditional Balinese Massage IDR 180.000/hour

60 minutes deeply healing massage has been handed down through generations in order to promote harmony of body , mind and soul. Combines steady strokes, gentle stretching, pressure points and deep tissue work.

Deep Tissue Massage IDR 230.000 for 90 minutes

This is signature massage use the good pressure starting body stretch to form warm up, open the join in your body follow with deep acupressure to stimulate the nerve on your sine, increase circulation, and releasing the toxin and relaxation the body and the spirit

DenBukit Organic Facial IDR 190.000/hour

Let us return your skin to a deep state of bliss using essential oils and secret local techniques that will restore radiance and feed the skin. Your energy levels will be lifted with an integrated 60 mins of cranio sacral magic Tetirah Style

Boreh, Organic Lulur IDR 255.000 for 90 Minutes

Our scrubs are perfectly balanced to replenish moisture to the skin. The sublime texture of our scrubs can remove dead skin and with a few extra drops of our pure Virgin Coconut Oil can leave your skin extra soft and perfectly shimmery

Beck and Neck Shoulder Massage IDR 130.000/hour

Our therapists use a long Balinese strokes that will improve the lymphatic drainage and circulation while the deep tissue techniques work into muscles to relieve tension and stiffness on your back, neck and shoulder