Meditation in Vihara Arama  Buddhist Temple

The Panca Maha Bhuta is the five basic elements to give form to the universe or mother nature and the human body. The five elements in universe called the macrocosm and the five elements in human body called the microcosm. The Macrocosm and The Microcosm to be connected and balanced. The reasons why the human advise to connect to the universe because  of Panca Maha Butha.

These five basic elements are:

  • Pertiwi is solid element/land
  • Apah is liquid element/water
  • Teja is fire elements/light
  • Bayu is air element/wind
  • Akasa is space/ether

The Banyuatis village is giving you the positives vibes and totally support you to be who truly you are and help you to feed your soul by Dharma or kindness and be grateful for your pranayama or the exhale and inhale.

The Balinese mediation master bring into the meditation journey and the last session, the master will giving you the brief of the mediation journey and open for the consultation.

1 HR 350.000/person