Water Blessing in North Bali / Melukat By DenBukit Retreat Journey

“Healing experience with Balinese Healer in Sacred Sanctuary.”


DenBukit Water Blessing

Water Blessing is a traditional Balinese healing purification ceremony in Bali. The water blessing aims is to purify and cleanse the body, mind and soul. The Water Blessing conduct with Balinese highest priest or Balinese Healer using chants mantas  Balinese Sanskrit. Water Blessing or "Melukat" ceremony means release the bad influence from human and will heal the inner soul.  Water Blessing is also believes as spiritual healing to neutralized the bad energy in human body.

The Balinese highest priest or the Balinese healer will use their inner spiritual power to heal and purify your body, mind and soul to connect with mother nature. Water Blessing is spiritual ceremony to balance the body, the mind and the soul. The water represents the flow of energy or Chi energy, the water is infused by the highest priest with spiritual inner power and the chants mantras. The Balinese Priest will pour the holy flower petals into the body repeatedly 3 times.  

The water blessing ceremony will be held in sacred sanctuary in North Bali, near Munduk Village. Munduk village is well known as the best village trek in lush tropical garden. It would reach by car around 2 hours 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The sacred sanctuary called “Kelebutan Suci” or the holy spring.

This water blessing combines with the value of Balinese Culture and during the ceremony the prayers should presents the handmade offering represent as faith gratitude. The handmade offering consist of fruits, Balinese cookies or canapé, daksina the symbol whole of the world, the offering such as beautiful flower and etc.

During the ceremony the highest priest will invite you to pray and allow you to connect with your inner soul. After the praying ceremony, the priest will pour the flower petals all over your body repeatedly 3 times and get the blessing from the God by sprinkler the holy water to your head and drink it. And continue to give you the rice in your forehead and out the Balinese crown to sharpen your mind and free.

Based on Holy Veda, Manawa Dharma Sastra Bab V Sloka 109,

“Adbhir gatrani cuddhyanti manah satyena cuddhyti,cidyatapobhyam buddhir jnanena cuddhyatir”

Body cleaned by the water, Mind cleaned by the honesty, Soul cleaned by the knowledge, Intelligence cleaned by the wisdom”

Melukat Journey Itineraries

  • Start feed your soul by our natural handmade breakfast at the rice field path
  • Start the trekking to explore at a very virgin environment, almost 360 views, heal yourself by the morning fragrance, the coffee and the clove plantations.
  • Start at Kelebutan Suci the sacred sanctuary in North Bali, or the holy water comes from the big hole on the fertile ground and for many years the water never finished
  • Assist by the holy Balinese priest / Mangku
  • Visit the holy trees in Banyuatis


  • Complete Balinese Kebaya for woman
  • Complete sarong for Man
  • Offering to the God
  • Canang and Flower to pray
  • Energized Virgin Coconut Water



  • Short pants
  • Sport shoes
  • A change of clothes for use after trekking activities
  • Sun screen



Note : Woman during the menstruation should be banned