The God's fire of Hopes in Full Moon Agnihotra is our gift from our old ancestor, a very sacred ceremony to help human aware that we have a magnificent potential within us. Awareness and Cultivation of the power will change the life. And the ability and the true willingness to attract what we wish and feel. And the our Balinese Old Ancestor has been aware by many long time ago. By the God's Fire or based on Hindu's believe that fire is the Brahma's tongue, Brahma is the creator based on Tri Murti philosophy. Agnihotra will assist by the Mangku, the holy priest in Bali and helps you to connect with your own Creator, the Atma and together to boost the positive energy and feeling to the universe. The Holy fire of Hopes from Agni Goddess brings your hopes into reality. Rules of AgniHotra
  1. Set the Hopes in a peace of paper
  2. Believe
  3. Be grateful