Om Swasyastu

A welcome regards and Wish the God Bless us.

DenBukit Retreat Journey is a retreat provider in North Bali, Buleleng. Denbukit was the previous name of Buleleng by the King of Buleleng, Ki Barak Panji Sakti. Buleleng is the northern part of Bali, Hidden Germ in Bali and the pockets of an unlimited natural potential

Northern part of Bali is welcome you to keep in touch with your soul and be a most pampered by the island of God. Buleleng is still untouched but the mother nature of Buleleng calls you to stay in touch and feel the different part of Bali.

We keep our ancestor philosophy, Tri Hita Karana in order to make the life and the world on peace, love and light. Tri Hita Karana means the three causes of well-being by keeping the connection between Human to God, Human to Human, and Human to the environment.

DenBukit brings you back home, a truly home and our friendliest community, the Buldog (Buleleng Dogen) Community will welcome you with bunch of Balinese warmth hospitality. Buleleng People is the friendliest community with the open-minded, because we aware we are all the family and the Mother Nature is our Home. The sense of family is very strong as we keep our ancestor philosophy, Tat Twam Asi (I am You, You are Me)

And Gotong Royong/The Non Profit Mutual Cooperation still exist to support between the human. Welcome to your second home in Buleleng, away from your home but still feel like home. Kindly please allow us to come to your home, to your heart. And we welcome you to our heart. We send our kind regards to you, Love and Light! Om Santih Santih Santih Om. May the world surrounded by the peace.

Matur Suksma