Balian, the Balinese Healer

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Balian, the Traditional Balinese Healer

DenBukit Retreat Journey is proudly present our traditional heritage from our old ancestor in traditional method healing and the spiritual human to heal the human called Balian. The real traditional Balinese Healers do not want to advertise their self to the world because they supposed to help the human without expecting nothing or Iklas in bahasa.

The Bali’s ancestor philosophy, life divided into two worlds. First, the seen or conscious world called Sekala and the second, unseen world or invisibility called Niskala. Both of these worlds will combine to heal the human.

The Balinese Men/Women and got the calling from the God or Pawisik to serve between the human by inner spiritual power to heal. The inner spiritual power in Bali called Taksu.

And in this article especially will describe more detail about Balian Penengen. The Balian Penengen means will heal the human from the diseases.

There are many ways for Balianto heal the human and it depends of calling. They will be based on ways below,

  1. Balian Kapican
  2. Balian Ketakson
  3. Balian Usada
  4. The Mixed Healing

1.  Balian kapican means the Balian by the sound of unseen world or Niskala, they receive the heirlooms such as the spiritual jewerly (rings, necklace and etc) The Kris, and the spiritual stone. And the Balian will heal the human through the the legacy gift.

2. Balian Ketakson means The Balian receive the energy of healing by Taksu, the inner spiritual power connect to the soul. This practices will call the inner spirit and manifest by the trance. By the Trance, the Balian will heal the human based on spiritual power instructions. And the possibilities to know the causes of disease.

3. Balian Usada means the Balian will heal the human based on Usada Taru Pramana lontar. Usada Taru Pramana is the lontar with the ancient knowledge about the power of plantations to heal the human. This practice will uses natural herbs and spices, holistic therapist and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illness.

4. The mixed healing, this practice uses the three combination of Balian Kapican, Balian Ketakson and Balian Usada to work together on healing.

Time and Manner to visit the Balian

There is some rules and regulations to visit the Balian such as timing and the manner to visit. If you are a new comer, kindly please find the Balinese friend to assist you to visit the Balian. The Balinese friend will be helping to communicate, because the Balinese always use the very level of Balinese language, a most polite language in Bali called basa bali alus. Or you just can speak in Bahasa.

The menstruation women should be banned.

Use a Balinese uniform usually White Uniform.

Kindly please bring the Canang, the Balinese offering and put some donations because a real traditional Balinese Healer will never ask you to pay, they will heal you for free and only accept the donations if offered.


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