The Love Journey in Lovina

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Welcome to the most remarkable beach in North Bali, Lovina.

Lovina is a black sand beach but always be the reasons for you who wants to be the witness of beautiful sunset and sunrise. It’s located in a very heart of Singaraja city, just around 9 km from the western part of Singaraja. The beach is so charming and clean, the local government is going to maintain the beach by encourage the local community first of all the Buleleng young generations to clean the beach by the general cleaning every week.

When you enter to the main gate of Lovina, your eyes will just amaze by the handmade art sellers in the left and the right side, the restaurants and the some fun bars and of course very friendly Balinese. The entrance fee is very reasonable as the improvements donation for the village.

And you will welcome by the Dolphin Statue as the landmark of Lovina. Yes! These are the King and the Queen in Lovina, the friendly Dolphins will make you smile and laugh freely.

So this is a little challenge, you have to wake up early in the morning if you don’t want to miss these lovely Dolphins! They just appear early in the moring until 7 AM, so you have to be ready with your own guide and the canoe. It’s very easy to book the guide and the canoe by book them directly. The price arrange is around 50K-100K and you have to be ready around 6AM. And of course you can enjoy the sun rises and the island view. It’s just feel like get lost in the ocean.

The local government also takes an effort to take care of corals and be the part of environment conservation. The guide also can assist you to visit the corals and the beautiful tiny fishes. They will be charging you for an extra hours. It gives you a possibility to diving and snorkeling and also you have the canoe by yourself.

And in the late afternoon you can fully relaxed with the sunset, sun bathing at the black sandy beach. It’s also believes by the Balinese people as the part of healing by dig a hole and put you body inside.

Now the Love Story is begin from the unique history of Lovina
Lovina is not the origin name of Balinese, as Bali does not recognize the word “v”. Previously Lovina was the name of bungalow belonged to Ki Barak Panji Sakti. He was the great King and he was an hero in Buleleng. He built the bungalow after he came back from the world travel in Europe and Lovina on 1953. And on 1959, Ki Barak Panji Sakti offered the bungalow to his younger brother named Anak Agung Ngurah Santanu when he was 22 years old.

Previously Buleleng was a capital city of Bali, because of several reasons the capital city moved to Denpasar until now. And Buleleng was on financial crisis. This issue was impacted the number guest to come Lovina decreased.

And the big history written on 1980, the tourism in Bali was rapidly growth. And the issue encourage the local government to improve the north Bali. And Lovina awake and arise again!

So here it is, why i put the name “Love Journey in Lovina” in my article because Lovina comes from the two words “Love” and “Ina”, which INA means the three letter code for Indonesia.


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