Tirta Kuning Temple, the 5 color holy water

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Tirta Kuning temple is a sacred temple located in Wanagiri village, Sukasada district, Buleleng, Bali. The beautiful village nestled in the lush tropical garden with unbelievable Buyan Lake view. It’s just 2 hours drive from Denpasar or The Ngurah Rai Airport, on the way you reach the place, you will be welcoming by the friendly monkeys hang around the trees in Bedugul.

So let us explore a more detail regarding this place.

Tirta Kuning means the yellow holy water discovered in hidden cave. This beautiful hidden germ has considered by the local government as the new Spiritual Journey.

Tirta Kuning Temple calls as Tirta Amretha Wisya, the water blessing purification by the Dedari/the God’s angel. The Holy water is very sacred and you are not allowed to drink or just even wash your face. The different color water comes from 5 different directions or called by Panca Lingga, head to the east by yellow color, head to the west by white color, head to the south by black color, head to the north by red color and in the center.

The history of Tirta Kuning Temple written in Bhuwana Wangsri Lontar witted by Ketut Sudarsana and translated on 1 April 2006. The descendant of Wisnu God, Bhatara Ratu Gede Manukaya created the Buyan mountain. And one day, He was chosen by Bhatara Ari to be the king of Bali together with Hyang Aruna and they were responsible to manage the activities in Bali based in Buyan lake.

Bhatara Ratu Gede Manukaya was very smart, and by his spiritual power the seed and the plantation was starting to growth, and make everything is very easy to get. Because of their great responsibility to keep the Bali’s prosperity, Bali comes a fertile land. And the started to give a very valuable knowledge for the Balinese to be much more grateful to the God.

And their effort was successful to make the God come to Bali and Balinese started to male the temple, the big temple and the small temples in Bali. And they started to have a blessing ceremony to Gunung Agung mountain, to the God that keep the rice fields, and to God’s ocean and the unlimited sky.

And Bhatara Ratu Pejanengan gave the knowledge to the Balinese how to be the farmer, how to manage the potential land to be more productive, made a path way, made the water irrigation system or in Bali called now as Subak irrigation system from the Beratan, Tamblingan, Buyan and Batur lake.

The water flowed from Bratan lake called as Bima Holy water, but the water flower from Trate Bang and Silanjana mountain came to be much water sprinkler or the holy small shower. And one of the water sprinkler called Tirta Amretha in Wanagiri Village, The Tirta Kuning temple with Panca Lingga.

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