Water Blessing in North Bali/Melukat

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Melukat is a part of Manusa Yadnya ceremony or spiritual human-being activities to find a true self ans awareness. Melukat come from the word “Lukat”, means Release. Melukat means a traditional Balinese healing to release the bad influence from human body and soul.

The most essential part of Melukat is to find the inner peace to continue the life with much more grateful.

Melukat believes as a traditional purification to clean the body on physically, to purify the inner soul mentally, emotionally and grow up your spiritual sense.

Based on holy Veda, Manawa Dharma Sastra Bab V sloka 109 as below,

“Adbhir gatrani cuddhyanti manah satyena cuddhyti,cidyatapobhyam buddhir jnanena cuddhyatir”

“Body cleaned by the water, Mind cleaned by the honesty, Soul cleaned by the knowledge, Intelligence cleaned by the wisdom”

Melukat Journey Iteneraries

  • Megibung breakfast
  • Start the trekking to explore a very virgin jungle trekking, almost 360 views, heal ourself by the morning fragrance (coffee and clove plantation)
  • Melukat at Kelebutan Suci, holy water comes from the big natural hole on fertile ground for many years the water never finish
  • Assist by the holy Balinese Priest/Mangku
  • Visit the Holy Tree in Banyuatis

What to wear

  • White Balinese Kebaya for Woman, Sarong for the Man (inclusions at the package

What to bring

  • Offering (Banten and Canang)


A woman during the menstruation should be banned

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