Desa Bengkala, the Deaf and Mute Village

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Welcome to the most unique village in Bali.

Let me give you a short briefed regarding the unique phenomena.

Bengkala village is located in Kubutambahan district, Buleleng regency, Bali. The village is well known as Kolok Village in Bahasa, means the some villagers speak with their own unique language sign to communicate. They speak with hands sign between the disabilities

Bengkala Village divided into 2 small areas called Banjar, Banjar Kajanan and Banjar Kelodan.

The becomes unique because the highest number for the deaf and mute disability, it would be around 50 people born as deaf and mute from the 2.276 native people.

The question, why the Bengkala Village comes to be Kolok Village?

There are many answers and myth regarding this rare phenomena, and inspired some  researchers to come to Bengkala Village.

The phenomenon has invited the researcher by many years ago, start from 1990.

The phenomena has published on 1998 on Science. The scientific journal shown based on the research, leaded by Thomas B. Friedmann, a genetic experts from National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders in America.

But there is no fact result to prove the cause of the deafness in the village.

Some of the myth said that the consumed of Iodine from the salt is very low, but one thing we have to know, the people with deafness are very creative, very hard workers and some of them can dance the traditional dancing by following the leader sign, and it’s such an unbelievable movements. And some of them could understand the IT’s technology.

The second myth said that cursed by the king because some of the villagers were not willing to follow and answers the King question.

Now Bengkala Village is going to improve as one of the unique destination in North Bali, as the additional value of culture.

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