DenBukit Retreat Journey

DenBukit Retreat Journey

DenBukit Retreat Journey is a retreat provider in North Bali, Buleleng. Denbukit was the previous name of Buleleng by the King of Buleleng, Ki Barak Panji Sakti. Buleleng is the northern part of Bali, Hidden Germ in Bali and the pockets of an unlimited natural potential.

Northern part of Bali is welcome you to keep in touch with your soul and be a most pampered by the island of God. Buleleng is still untouched but the mother nature of Buleleng calls you to stay in touch and feel the different part of Bali.

We keep our ancestor philosophy, Tri Hita Karana in order to make the life and the world on peace, love and light. Tri Hita Karana means the three causes of well-being by keeping the connection between Human to God, Human to Human, and Human to the environment.

DenBukit Water Blessing

Reconnect to your inner spirit, the soul! Purify your heart and mind in sacred holy spring

DenBukit Silent Walk

The Silent Journey to find the peace and get closer to the mother nature.

DenBukit's Taksu

Taksu means the positive energy from the mother nature and put the meaningful life to human beings

Sacrad Menjangan Journey

The sacred spiritual journey to Menjangan Temple called Segara Giri Dharma Kencana and visit the 7 sacred temple. 

Tirta Yatra

A gift from our old Balinese ancestor to make the life more alive by keeping the togetherness to visit the sacred temple in Bali on a special life purpose

Agnihotra Purifying Ritual

Agnihotra ceremony will allow you to connect with the universe and the Agni Goddess will supports you to make you dreams come true